Book design commissioned from the Fine Arts Department of the Zurich University of the Arts #ZHdK

“There’s Always Tomorrow” pursues an opposing approach: Instead of combining different processes on consecutive pages in one book, the printing project requires the artist to use a unusual format - a folded sheet of 50 x 70 cm - individually. Everyone has the autonomy and responsibility to (re) present their process in their own way and in their own aesthetic. The 29 contributions by the 31 artists who graduated this year are loose and can be removed individually.

Coordinated by Aramis Navarro & Lourenço Soares
Designed by Carolina Márquez Bernard
With contributions by Gianni Jetzer, Leila Peacock, Judith Welter and the graduated artists AOSAA: Angela Osterwalder & Sergio Antonio Araya, The Bad Conscience (Veru Loremipsum & LS Grave), Samrat Banerjee, Seline Baumgartner, Dorian Büchi, Ishita Chakraborty, Axel Crettenand, Michael Dandley, Jonathan Ospina, Helena Manuela Deck, Catherine Duboutay, Jana Eberhardt, Raphael Erhart, Gloria Galovic, Alice Gilardi, Stéphanie Gygax, Sarah Hepp, Mirjam Blanka Inauen, Andreina Isea Boscan, Raphael Kleindienst, Martin Mur, Aramis Navarro, Lourenço Soares, Giulia Ross / Under Other Names, Marco Russo, Ilona Stutz, Mélanie Therond, Denis Twerenbold and Ardil Yalinkiliç.

Produced by Department of Fine Arts @zhdkfinearts
Printed by @agpograf_impressors

“There’s Always Tomorrow”  was exhibited at Löwenbräukunst Zurich during June 2021.