She is not a Resident. The Rite and the Sacred
Art Residency at Curtidas Art Space, Barcelona

She is not a Resident was born with a unique format: Carolina travels to Vietnam as an Artist Non-Resident of Curtidas, Art Gallery based in Barcelona, Spain. Her work is not produced physically at the place of artistic residence, but at a distance. As her route through distant lands progresses, Curtidas makes what she shares physical and palpable - videos, photos and audios - playing it in their cabinets. This communication creates a bridge that shortens the distance between the two cultures, between that “there” and this “here”: two mental spaces that Carolina, in a trance between them, makes live in her. The pattern of her journey through Vietnamese nature and culture is marked by her repeated encounters with the Rite and the Sacred. The altars that were reproduced -decontextualized- invite us to reflect on our own symbolic need and are an expression of longing for a tradition that, on this side of the world, has abandoned us.